Black 17 is a music incubator based out of NYC/CT.


Black 17 offers labels and small companies digital distribution through RED (a Sony company). Because we specifically work with independent labels and start ups, we only offer deals to companies (LLCs, sole proprietorships, etc).

We do this for a number of reasons:

  • We want our artist(s) to have full control of what they create.
  • We act as a silent partner.
  • We want to change the traditional major label model that has screwed over artists for so long.

Rather than giving an advance to the label (that would need to be fully recouped before the artist(s) could see any income from distribution), we offer our labels very low distribution rates. We also believe in short contracts; many deals we offer are less than 3 years in length.

We're artists and we know what artists like.

- Black 17