Black 17 is a label for labels.

You’re about to drop your first track.
The single cover is posted on Instagram and Twitter.
A week goes by.
12 likes, 2 shares, 1 retweet, and 60 SoundCloud plays.
Not exactly a platinum record.

Then it all changed.

SoundCloud plays doubled in three weeks.
Pigeons & Planes just premiered your new video.
A promoter reaches out and wants you to open for Chance the Rapper.
The first run of t-shirts sold out.

Great…now what?

You need our help.
Help with getting your music on Spotify.
Help with pitches to UpcomingHipHop.net.
Help with copyrighting your new EP.
You need a team that can act as an extension of your brand.

You need Black 17.

Some artists need major labels to fund, organize, and creatively enhance their movements.
You don’t.
You want to own your masters.
You want creative control of your music and brand.
You want to reward the uphill battle.
Are you truly monetizing your movement to it’s full potential?
That’s where we come in.

Black 17 is independence without the compromise.

Our model is specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs in their growth of their record labels. Our ultimate goal is to provide the services and established relationships artists need to ensure visibility in an over-saturated marketplace.

We’re about partnership, not ownership.

Black 17 is a full-service, independent hip-hop label incubator powered by strategic partnerships and an undying passion for dope music. We offer distribution via the Orchard, and various label services ranging from mix show radio campaigns to online advertising…all while acting as a silent partner.

Let’s do work.
- Black 17